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CUS 3D Manhole Survey & Inspection

We offer CUS Manhole Surveying and Inspection Services with our patented CUS surveying system (pat. no. 397.432).

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CUS range of application to 100 m from vehicle
CUS-Inspekteur CUS-System
maximum depth 30m, maximum edge length 100m

The complete measuring system includes a mobile inspection vehicle and the CUS inspection robot. After placing the CUS robot on the manhole, the sensor unit surveys the manhole from top (cover) down to bottom (invert). A laser measuring system grabs all relevant surveying data. At the same time the integrated CCD color inspection camera with twentyfold zoom placed in the sensor unit takes high-res pictures and videos of the structural manhole condition.


All actions are performed by the inspector from within the control room. CUS surveys all data in 3D Coordinate System (X, Y location plus local elevation) and guarantees highest possible and constant quality of surveying and inspection data acquisition. The CUS software stores all surveying and inspection data into a database and prepares them for further processing.


After completion of the manhole inspection, CUS generates a complete report including the measuring data, a shaft sketch, additional pictures and videos from the manhole.


The measured data are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database and can be managed easily under Windows 2000 and XP Home/Professional. Using the manhole & shaft surveying system CUS gives you the best control and information over the municipal sewage system.